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Ave Maria Catholic Church


Treasures of the

Catholic Church Camp

June 7th - June 13th, 2021

Ages 9 - 18

The One Ring.jpg
“The Lord Of  The Rings”  

“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

– “The Lord Of The Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien

Reverend David M. Vidal Ph.D.


Ave Maria Catholic Church


Father Joseph Lugalambi

Ave Maria University

Come join in Ave Maria's second Treasures of the Catholic Church Camp featuring "The Lord of the Rings" held at Donahue Academy and the Ave Maria Church.


The week's theme is based on the trilogy of J.R.R Tolkien’s, “The Lord of the Rings” which Tolkien called “a fundamentally Catholic and religious work.” A mystical tale of good’s struggle and triumph over evil. Tolkien’s unwavering Catholic faith is woven throughout the story, making it a fantastical illustration of Catholic teachings. 


The scenes, characters, symbols, and themes come alive as a result of Tolkien “sowing the seeds” from the treasures of the Catholic Church, and then bloom into the Catholic Faith’s most sacred message: to love The One (God) that guides people and to look further, beyond “self love” to “love of neighbor.” Only then can the One Ring (representing sin) be destroyed, and when that quest is achieved, a final adventure awaits the soul: reunion with The One. 


The week’s exciting adventure will be focused on the quest to destroy the One Ring through talks/trivia, Sacred art, Sacred music, woodworking, and plenty of sports competition to complete the task. Each day’s journey will bring campers deeper into the Church’s treasures and create a new appreciation of their Faith.

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Highlights From Last Year's Camp


Featured Events:

- "The Battle To Destroy The Ring" Games and Sporting Competition

- Carpentry Workshop for Boys and St. Brigid's Sacred Art Guild

- Sacred Art Practicums with Marcia Bovin

- Introduction to the beauty of the Church's rich deposit of Traditional Sacred Music 

- Inspirational stories of faith and virtue presented by the priests, brothers, and guest speakers 

Click here for a detailed camp schedule


Come and start the journey...

Early Bird Registration now until May 7 - $150 per child, $100 per Donahue student 

Cost - $175 per child

Reduced cost for Donahue students - $125 per student

*$375 max per family

Registration fee includes camp t-shirt and covers all camp related costs.

Deadline to sign up: May 21, 2021 or when registration limit is met. DO NOT WAIT TO SIGN UP.

Step 1: Download and fill out the following forms (ONLY IF you have not previously submitted these forms to the Parish office):

Medical Authorization
Consent Form
Parent Guardian Consent
Dress Code Policy
Image Release Form

Step 2: If your children are not Donahue students, click here to go to the online registration form.

If your children are enrolled as Donahue students, click here to register at the discounted rate ($125 per student).

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